I’m Robert Svensson and when it comes to the world of computing I love programming, malware and writing. The order of those three loves changes frequently. But either point of the triangle is always present.


My love for programming started when I was just a kid. I would sit in down in the basement for hours trying to figure out how to make my Commodore 64 do “things”. Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing, or that I was even programming. But what I did know was that typing in Basic code and hoping for the best was a great feeling.

Like so many other kids of my generation I was blown away by the movie Wargames. Who could have known that computer security could be so cool? So in all of my career I’ve gravitated towards the security side of things. This means that I’ve done numerous pentests, sorted out countless of security incidents and dissected plenty of botnets.

As I stated earlier, I love writing. So after working in tech for almost 20 years I decided to write a book. Published by Apress, my book is titled “From Hacking To Report Writing — An Introduction To Security And Penetration Testing”. The pages are intended to guide those who are new to pentesting towards a professional career.